About Vauntium Marketing Solutions

Powerful Marketing Engine to Build Your Business Momentum

Vauntium is a bold, creative marketing company that uses powerful solutions to help you engage your audience, convert your targets into sales, and maintain clients and customers for repeat transactions. Vauntium offers services in full-cycle business marketing.

Our team executes marketing programs with powerful web conversion tools, direct marketing (email, print, SMS), creative services, search engine marketing, and more.

We're interested in more than just a fancy website or brochure. At Vauntium, we expect the greatest return on investment for our clients. We measure ROI based on leads generated or sales converted from specific campaigns.


Vauntium is a powerful marketing engine designed to build momentum for your business. We take an approach to marketing that combines short term and long term success strategies based on the strength of the existing brand. We apply scientific principles to develop the right campaigns and we track the results with revealing metrics to maximize your ROI and profits.

Vauntium generates momentum. The name is a derivative of the Finnish word "vauhtia" (meaning momentum) and the English word "momentum". Combined, Vauntium.

We believe that marketing is essential to any business or cause. We believe in helping you promote your business to generate the maximum ROI. We believe in strong branding and imaging as well as using the appropriate forms of media and technology to reach your targeted market base and existing customer base. We believe that marketing doesn't often consist of one campaign but in the sustained placement of impressions designed to urge and invite targets to take action.

At Vauntium, we believe in delivering the right solution to help your business succeed as quickly as possible as well as establish long term strategies to generate brand recognition and a "need" for your products and services. We believe in driving business and creating revenue streams tied to proven business models. We believe in analytics and the science of reporting and improvement.

We believe we in building sustained business momentum.