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Direct Marketing Solutions

Generating business occurs in many different ways. There are long term branding strategies, short term cashflow driven strategies, experimental activities, and so on. However, it has been proven that to generate leads, sales, business, and cash now you have to find customers now and engage them in a way that they'll make a purchase. Vauntium has direct marketing solutions that will help you find customers NOW.


There is a steady movement to technology driven direct marketing personalization. People respond better when you call them by name and offer marketing pieces that speak to them rather than assuming everyone fits into a generic group. Databases and variable media solutions can be leveraged to make print and digital unique to a target.

Vauntium can insert a target's name, appropriate lifestyle images, and other vital details to attract and engage a recipient. We can improve conversion rates by using several key methods.

Effective Direct Marketing

Customer Database Solutions

A key to direct marketing conversion rates is to market to the targets who are most likely to convert. You save costs and increase income potential when you make contact with ready, willing, and able targets based on your database solutions.

Vauntium partners with industry leaders to provide elite database solutions. Our clients are able to cleanse, scrub, and update their customer databases with a custom built data hygiene engine. The engine is built on a Microsoft - Oracle platform and provides flexible, powerful data management.

You won't want to miss out on what we can offer in database solutions.

Direct Postal Mail

There's junk mail and then there's variable media direct mail. Direct mail canvassing a broad group is unwanted and easily discarded. In fact, there is talk of creating a service like unto the Do Not Call list the government provides but for junk mail. On the other hand, there is personalized direct mail. While it is not expected, it is much more appealing and draws much more interest. Here's how it works.

We are able to print pieces incorporating a recipients name and lifestyle information as well as images and other content directly tailored for them. We can do it piece by piece so that every recipient receives personalized mail.

It's powerful to capture an audience's attention by sending them something that fits their style and taste.

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Direct Email

Like direct mail, we offer personalized email campaigns that have a great response rate. As opposed to SPAM, our emails are personal and designed for the recipient's taste and style. Images, content, and names may be interchanged to engage and attract the audience.

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PURL Technology

PURL techology is an online media used to further personalize a campaign. Users are sent to a URL with their name in it. The landing page contains personalized information and asks them to do some activity, often with a reward involved. Upon completion, you have vital information about them and they recieve the offer.

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Vauntium Professional Marketing Services

Vauntium professional marketing services fit nearly any marketing strategy. We offer direct marketing solutions that improve response rates and in the end your ROI. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help improve your ROI.

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