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We Build Your Business

At Vauntium, we don't just build a website for you. We use our My Market Toolkit TM platform to create an amazing conversion portal that's integrated into a business marketing ecosystem designed to  attract , engage , convert  and  retain  customers. We've helped some pretty big names over the last 10 years but we'll get to that in a bit. For the moment sit back, relax and enjoy this short video. 

The Vauntium Way

We can't really call this a secret formula because it's what every business and marketing effort is supposed to do. We just take these steps to whole new level. Our combination of expertise (decades of marketing experience and thousands of projects) and exclusive tools (My Market Toolkit TM  ) Give us, really you, the advantage that you've been looking for.


Having an amazing website doesn't do much if no one knows about it! After we get that incredible website built for you we have a whole suite of marketing channels to attract people there. The list includes Onsite & Offsite SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media Display ads, behavioral targeting and Video.  In case you're wondering if we know how to use all these tools to attract people, all we have to say is...we attracted you didn't we?


Engagement is about timing and content. It's one thing to catch someone's attention, it's another thing to engage them. If you're reading this, you've watched at lease one video and are halfway through our homepage, so you've spent about 4 minutes engaged with us. That's a minute longer than average for a website. The point? ...you get it. 



This is where your efforts pay off. This is also where My Market Toolkit  TM    shines. Most prospects don't convert on their first contact. In fact, it takes, on average, five touches before a prospect finally converts. My Market Toolkit's CRM/EMS engine insures you are re-engaging your prospects until they finish the conversion journey. This also means you'll hear from us again ;)


While a big part of retention is about your ability to meet customer expecations, My Market Toolkit  TM      will play a big role in making sure you are re-engaging and upselling prospects. The integrated CRM Engagement Reminders and Email Marketing Engine work together to make sure your customers continue to re-engage with you again and again. 

Here's What Our Clients Say

O.K. You've seen how we're different and you've seen some of our work. Now you get to see some cherry-picked testimonials from our happy customers. Don't worry they are real and we have a whole stack of them.  You can also go and take a look at our pefect 5 star Google rating to set your mind at ease. We didn't want to bore you with all of them here so we decided to share our favorite ones to make the point...We're good at what we do and at least 3 of our clients liked us enough to tell you :)

“You guys are exactly what I've been looking for! Thank you for deploying our site. My buddy played with it for months but you were worth every dime! Thanks for the quick response.”

- Adam G. | Business Owner

“We love our e-newsletter and landing page! Corporate was so happy with the ROI. We have been asked who did the piece. Can I send them your contact information?”

- Annette D. | Vice President, Sales

“NAME OMMITED - good morning: Your conversion report is attached - almost 1,600 room nights and over $227K! We're able to tie these conversions directly to the blast.”

- Lisa P. | Marketing Analyst Partner

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As the team executes the strategy the train starts rolling and you take the next step in your business's growth; Trying to figure out how to manage your increasing sales!

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